Architects: Slava Balbek, Andrii Berezynsky
Project Area: 90 sq. m.
Project Year: 07/14 - 11/14
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Photo credits: Andrey Bezuglov, Andrii Berezynsky, Slava Balbek

We have transformed a rectangle open space of 6m x 14 m into all-inclusive lecture hall. A stone grey floor modernized with ruled camouflage remained from a former resident of the space, vehicle service station.

Color establishes emotional and functional role for every part of the location. Interior, all furniture and decoration of the lecture hall are literally drowned in white. Not only the perimeter of the hall but all objects inside it including décor on the object wall have been all painted with wall color – white. This way designers moved guests’ attention from objects surrounding them to the main personages of the venue – speakers on the stage.

Juicy yellow becomes the principal source of warmth in the lounge area with comfy couches and blank frames awaking memories of parent house living room.

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