Architects: Slava Balbek, Anna Riabova
Project Area: 110 sq.m.
Project Year: 01/16 - 03/16 
Location: Odesa, Ukraine
Photo credits: Slava Balbek

Molodost is a café-bar in Odesa; it was our first project in this city and the first working experience with the restaurant owner Alex Cooper. 

The method and approach to design were developed at high pace and almost playfully, since the idea was to re-create an atmosphere of the unforgettable 90s, which was impossible to do without a sense of humor; this humor has found its reflection in the interior of the café-bar. 

In order to saturate the space with the ‘cult objects’ of that period, we searched for old video and TV-sets at flee markets; coated the hall walls with the color of entrance hallways used in old apartment buildings. Then covered them with bright designs in permanent markers; we glued portraits of TV stars of that time over the restroom walls.

18. MOLODOST-1.jpg
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