Architects: Slava Balbek, Nadya Chabanny
Project Area: 180 sq.m.
Project Year: 08/12 - 11/14
Location: Moscow, Russia
Proto credits: Andrey Bezuglov, Slava Balbek

This Moscow apartment designed for a young family has been polished up for two and a half years. Time long enough to allow architects have a thorough planning, balance suggested solutions and experiment with shapes and color.

The 200 sq.m. space has been broken into several functional zones with a clear limit between master and guest areas. Day light reaches almost all areas of this apartment. Brief look at interiors creates a first impression of furniture objects being extruded from the light floor and ceiling. Rich in color furniture deprived from its bearing point on a quasi-mirror gloss white floor look like dabs of paint on a blank paper. Yet color array of this apartment is balanced and harmonious.

Multiple shades of green illuminate and flatten the color palette and bind together all rooms. An access of wooden elements of different shade, texture and reflection serves same intention - all for harmonizing space. Lighting solutions allow changes in atmosphere of the apartment and fit well together with the surrounding surfaces.

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